Charity Anne Photography | Portrait Party {Have you ever wanted to be a model}

Portrait Party {Have you ever wanted to be a model}

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Portrait Parties

Have you ever wanted to be a model?

Let's have a portrait party!


Classic HeelIt's always a great idea to bring a classic heel to a photo session!

What occasions are good for a portrait party?

  • Graduations
  • Birthdays
  • Just Cause!


What is a portrait party?

  • A portrait party is a 3-5 hour session where each member gets to have the model experience!


MakeupYou can bring a friend who knows how to do makeup well or I can bring one of my makeup artists!

How do you throw a portrait party?

  • Get together 3-7 friends (you can bring more a additional costs.)
    • Choose outfits that you feel absolutely fabulous in! (I recommend 2-3)
  • Get a makeup artist.
    • You can either bring a friend that is really good with makeup or I will contact my makeup artist (at additional cost.)
  • Prepare to have some fun!


Why should you throw a portrait party?

  • Are you needing portraits done? Having a party is (if you split the costs) is cheaper than having individual sessions.
  • It is a time where you get to have a ton of fun with your friends!


What do you get with a portrait party?

  • Each model will receive 10+ digital images
  • You will get to have the model experience
  • Did I mention that there will be snacks?!


Portrait parties start at $575. Contact me if you are interested or have any questions.





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